Transmission trouble may not mean a new transmission

Automatic Transmission Maintenance Service at MilexMost of us know that the engine and transmission in our vehicle are the some of the main components of our car, truck or SUV. Being that they are main components, any signs of trouble should be quickly investigated to prevent the problem from progressing. By catching a problem while it is still small, you can save big bucks on a more costly repair down the road.

Transmission Fluid Leak

There are a multitude of places that a transmission fluid leak can originate from, and they’re not all expensive! Small components like sensors and solenoids penetrate the transmission case and use small seals to prevent fluid from escaping. When these small seals go bad, it results in a transmission leak.

Transmissions, especially automatic transmissions need that fluid to operate. When an automatic transmission loses about 1 liter of fluid, it can no longer operate. Manual transmissions can lose almost that much too, but they will usually still move the vehicle after that. But beware, once you have lost that much transmission fluid, you can very easily damage your transmission by operating it.

Rough Shifting & Slipping

Rough shifting & slipping can be caused by a variety of problems, but very frequently are caused by aging or deteriorated transmission fluid. Believe it or not, transmission fluid can very literally “wear out”. This means it loses the properties that make it so perfect for transmissions.

By simply exchanging your transmission fluid, you stand a good chance of alleviating many of your rough shifting problems as well as give your transmission better ability to put that engine power to the ground.