Free Towing With Repairs

Milex Mr Transmission Towing Service Holiday FLThe towing services offered by Milex / Mr. Transmission are available to auto repair service customers at no additional charge. That means if you break down and call them to tow AND fix your vehicle, the tow is free up to 5 miles!

Faster Response Times

Milex’s experienced, professional tow truck drivers will arrive to your location as quickly as possible, usually beating their competition by minutes. Not only that, every one of their drivers are considered to be fast, professional and courteous.

Roadside Safety Tips

The side of the highway is one of the most dangerous places you can breakdown just due to the face that cars are racing past you at a high rate of speed with little to no regard for the safety of cars on the shoulder. So many of their customers have had bad experiences on the roadside that they felt obligated to include a few tips should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Get off the road

In an automotive emergency, time is of the essence. You’ll want to get your vehicle off the road as quickly as is safely possible. When pulling over on a freeway, move over as far to the right as possible. If possible, take the next exit whether its just an off ramp, a rest stop or a shopping mall. Almost anywhere will be safer than the side of a highway.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

Especially at night, many drivers can’t see just a few feet off to the right or left if the area is not well lit. Turning on your hazards alerts drivers to your presence.

Don’t Get Out Unless It Is Safe

If you haven’t been able to safely get your vehicle out of the flow of traffic, do not exit it. Wait until an officer or tow vehicle arrives to safely direct traffic.

Make An Emergency Supply Kit

Should you get stranded in an out-of-the-way area, having an emergency supply kit could make a huge difference in your outcome! A simple kit with things like a first aid kit, water, granola bars, flashlights, and a flat repair kit is a great start!