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Think you have a transmission problem?

If you are having transmission problems it might not be a major issue after all. It is not uncommon to for people to go into panic mode when your vehicle starts to experience shifting problems. The good news for you is that over 54% of the vehicles that come to our facility with transmission problem do not require major transmission work and can be easily corrected at a fraction of the cost from rebuilding one.

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Here are some of the NON-Major repairs that could be causing transmission problems that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary work.

  • Solenoids- is an electro-hydraulic valve that controls fluid flow into and throughout an automatic transmission. They operate via a voltage or current supplied via the transmission computer or controller. Symptoms of a bad solenoids could be the vehicle not shifting into a particular gears.
  • Transmission Fluid Leaks- Low transmission fluid levels can cause erratic shifting or poor transmission performance. There could be several point for transmission fluid leak but it is often quite affordable to fix.
  • Car Computer- All vehicles in the past decade have computers that coordinate all of the vehicle functions such as engine performance and transmission shifting. Some of the symptoms associated with a bad computer might be erratic shifting and in some instances no shifting at all.
  • Defective Sensors- All vehicles have sensors that will among other things tell the transmission when to shift. Fixing and or replacing these sensors it is much easier and affordable than buying a new transmission or even rebuilding your own transmission.
  • Transmission Cable links- It is not uncommon for these cable links to come loose, out of adjustment or even break over time. Some of the symptoms can range from hard shifting, no shifting or late shifting.
  • Vacum Line- When these come loose your vehicle will not shift at all. Although this might scare you, the wonderful news is that adjusting the vacum lines is usually what is needed to correct the problem without spending hundreds of dollars.

It is extremely important that you bring your vehicle for an external inspection. This is the only way we can provide economical solutions to your transmission problem.

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