Automotive Maintenance

auto technician talking to customerThe team at Milex / Mr. Transmission are preventative maintenance fanatics! Just like any well-used mechanical device, your vehicle needs regular maintenance to ensure smooth, consistent operation and reliability. Performing your vehicle’s recommended regular maintenance items will help keep your car in tip top running condition.

Automotive Oil Change Service

Changing the engine oil and oil filter on your car or truck is the bare minimum you can do to help keep your vehicle running. The intervals at which you should change your vehicles’ oil can vary from brand to brand but many consider the normal time between oil changes to be every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.

Tire Pressure Check

Another one of the baseline automotive maintenance items that Pasco County residents should keep up with, checking and maintaining your tire pressure only takes a few moments but can save you big bucks on gas and tires! Under-inflated tires rob you of precious gas mileage as well as prematurely wear out your tires!

Automotive Fluids Check

Beyond your vehicle’s engine oil, your car, truck or SUV relies on a half dozen other fluids to operate properly. From transmission fluid to brake fluid, engine coolant to differential fluid, windshield wiper fluid included, all of these are needed for safe, reliable operation of your car, truck or SUV.