Air Conditioning Repair

Air-Conditioner-In-Hudson-FL-Auto-Milex-Mr-TransmissionThe team at Milex / Mr. Transmission can help keep you and your vehicle cool during those hot summer months! The auto technicians at this Holiday, FL auto repair shop are pros when it comes to your air conditioner! Fluent with almost every make and model A/C unit, they have the parts and knowledge to get your air conditioner repair completed and keep it working in tip top shape.

Air Conditioner Test + Inspect

Milex / Mr. Transmission‘s expert technicians have all the tools they need to inspect and test your air conditioner for proper operation and pressures including a sophisticated dye injection test.

Air Conditioner Repair

Whether you have a broken compressor, pressurized line leak or anything in between: Milex / Mr. Transmission can repair your automotive air conditioner in Port Richey, New Port Richey, Hudson and beyond!

Air Conditioner Recharge

Many times, the reason an automotive air conditioner stops producing cold air is due to a lack of refrigerant. After the underlying cause of the refrigerant release is found, you can rest assured the automotive air conditioning professionals at Milex / Mr. Transmission will recharge your air conditioner to work like new.