3 Big Auto Repairs you can avoid for just a few dollars

Many of our customers are relieved to find out that the odd noise they have been hearing under the hood won’t make a big impact on their bottom line! By putting a few dollars into vehicle maintenance, you could be saving yourself big bucks down the road!

Transmission Maintenance

The easiest transmission maintenance task you can perform on virtually any car, truck or sport utility vehicle is a transmission fluid level check. By simply checking the level of this critical fluid and adding it as necessary, you can avoid a very serious problem later on.

The second easiest bit of transmission maintenance you can do on a budget is a transmission fluid flush and exchange. This low-dollar item replaces the old, worn-down fluid in your transmission with fresh new premium transmission fluid.

Taking care of this often overlooked task will help your transmission operate reliably for years to come by preventing your transmission from making metal on metal contact.

Engine Maintenance

Just like transmission maintenance, basic engine maintenance can save your family big bucks in a hurry. By doing a few simple things to prevent internal component wear like changing your oil at regular intervals, replacing your air filter and fuel filter, or even just checking to make sure your coolant levels are in the operable range; you can usually avoid bigger problems in the future.

Cooling System Maintenance

discuss how regular maintenance on transmissions, engine (oil, cooling system) and AC can be repaired with a little bit of maintenance.  Each of those repairs can be expensive, but avoided for a very low relative cost.